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7 Beneficial Herbs for Your Skin

December 28 /2021

Getting to know the list of ingredients on your go-to beauty products can be quite the daunting task. Trust us, we’ve done the legwork. But babe, being aware of exactly what you’re putting on your skin is crucial. What’s more, it is a vital part of choosing which products are best suited for your cute face. It is no secret that we love using organic and natural ingredients in everything we create, and it is safe to say that we’ve gotten a little, well, *obsessed* with breaking down the benefits of these guys at any chance we get. In this one, we’re psyched to share 7 Beneficial Herbs for Your Skin that you’ll want to incorporate into your daily beauty routine, pronto.

Amazing in a latte, but even better on your skin: Peppermint.

If you’ve been riding with us for a while, you might have noticed how many of our ingredient lists contain this beneficial herb. Around here, we love sneaking peppermint into just about anything we can, and with good reason.

Image of the peppermint plant.

Many babes associate peppermint with its refreshing scent. But in reality, it is so much more than that. When it comes to dealing with acne, peppermint is the herb you want on your side. It is a natural antiseptic and works to cleanse the skin with its antibacterial properties. Meaning, it’s an ingredient that can prevent acne flareups before they even surface. Additionally, peppermint contains anti-inflammatory properties, so it is great for getting bumps and irritation to calm down. So much so in fact, that you might have heard of peppermint being used on bug bites as well!

Looking to add some peppermint goodness to your skincare routine?

We’ve got you, sis. As we mentioned above, there is no shortage of nourishing BBE products that contain the peppermint goodness you so deserve in your skincare routine.  

BBE’s oil control moisturizer is *oozing* with peppermint extract. For real! As soon as you apply this lightweight moisturizer, you’ll immediately feel and smell this refreshing herb. What’s more, this moisturizer is an acne-prone babe’s dream because it is formulated without any thick, pore-clogging oils. And if you’re not acne-prone? You’ll still love this formula as a go-to daytime moisturizer, or for layering underneath your makeup.

Image of BBE's oil control face moisturizer that contains peppermint, a nourishing and beneficial herb.

You don’t have to stop the peppermint party at your skin, babe. BBE’s peppermint lip balm is seriously nourishing, and just what dry & chapped lips need. Some products are formulated with drying ingredients, petroleum, soy, and fragrance that will leave your lips parched and anything but soft. Not this peppermint-infused gem, though. We only used organic butter and oils that will leave your pout seriously moisturized, smooth, and nourished.

Image of BBE's peppermint lip balms.

The beneficial herb you’ve likely been using all along: Rosemary.  

Babe, you might be surprised to learn about how many of your beauty products contain this next ingredient on our list of 7 Beneficial Herbs for Your Skin. Rosemary is often used to reduce puffiness, heal burns, and deal with severely dry skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

Moreover, rosemary does a stellar job of increasing circulation which means it can make your skin look dewy & glowing in a cinch. Whether you choose to apply this herb topically or to sneak it into some of your go-to products, you’ll want to benefit from this nourishing ingredient on the regular.

Our top rosemary infused faves…

Image of BBE's glowing & radiant facial oil, which contains rosemary a nourishing and beneficial herb for the skin.

Want to infuse your skin with this beneficial herb? Reach for BBE’s glowing & radiant facial oil that is loaded with rosemary, jojoba, and Vitamin E. You only need a few drops of this nourishing facial oil as the finishing touch on your skincare regimen, morning and night.

Image of a hand holding BBE's lavender citrus foaming face wash.

If you just can’t get enough of the powerhouse that is rosemary, don’t worry babe. We totally get it, and we’ve got you covered. You can also add BBE’s lavender citrus foaming face wash to your routine to reap even more benefits from this herb.

Image of BBE's peppermint tea tree body scrub being used in a bathroom setting.

And if you want the skin on the rest of your body to get some rosemary-infused goodness, we’ve got just the ticket for that too, girlfriend. Each one of BBE’s luscious body scrubs contains that hydrating rosemary extract you’re looking for.

If you thought this next herb was just a weed, think again…

Forget associating dandelion with pulling weeds and ruining your garden. Instead, think of it as an anti-aging powerhouse that increases collagen production, improves hydration levels, and helps to increase cell production. We don’t know about you babe, but after that impressive list of benefits, we’re never calling dandelions a nuisance again.

Image of a field of dandelions, a beneficial herb for the skin.

Many babes opt to reap the benefits of dandelion by taking it as a supplement. However, you can also find skincare products that contain this mighty herb. It is packed with antioxidants which are crucial to protecting your skin against oxidative stress and cellular damage. Who would have thought this little yellow plant could be this beneficial, #amirite?

The beneficial herb that will help heal your skin: Comfrey.

This next gem on our list of 7 Beneficial Herbs for Your Skin is what we like to call a super healer. Comfrey is known for its ability to treat wounds and reduce inflammation, all while making skin healthier overall. Meaning, it is a star at reducing the appearance of scars and dark spots and can greatly help with those annoying breakouts.

Image of the comfrey plant.

We should also mention that comfrey can help stimulate new cell growth. This is a major key to getting that glowing complexion you love and making your skin look revitalized. All and all, this is one herb that is sure to step your skincare game way up. Where can you find this in our Beauty By Earth products? Try our plant-based Bath Bombs. They come in a pack of 6 and we're sure you will love them!

Want radiant, hydrated skin? Calendula is the herb for you.

From soothing and hydrating to promoting collagen production, the benefits of using calendula on your skin are numerous. Many babes turn to this ingredient to soothe the most serious of dry skin issues, sans irritation. This herb is known for being way gentle, yet way effective – and we can vouch!

Additionally, calendula contains a significant number of antioxidants. All of which play a vital role in preventing wrinkles and diminishing signs of aging. This is why you can find this herb in so many beauty products. And since it is so hydrating, you can even find this gem in some of your favorite lip balms.

Image of a woman using the BBE pina colada lip balm.

Ready to add some calendula to your daily routine?

Cool, we thought you were. First off, you’ll want to click add to cart on BBE’s superfruits & chlorophyll facial scrub. Not only will this help you get your regular dose of calendula, but it will also leave your skin feeling baby smooth. After that, follow up with some of our brightening Vitamin C serum that (you guessed it) also contains this anti-aging herb. And the cherry on top of this calendula-infused skincare routine? Well, it’s none other than BBE’s HyperActive anti-aging Vitamin C cream. Look at you, you glowing calendula-loving babe.

Image of the BBE HyperActive Anti-Aging Vitamin C face cream that contains the beneficial herb: calendula.

The beneficial herb that is every babe’s best friend: Rose.

Calming, soothing, and loaded with antioxidants – this herb is way better used on your skin than it is in a vase. I mean, we love receiving a bouquet of roses as much as the next babe. But when you find out how beneficial rose is for your skin, you’ll totally get what we’re getting at here.

Firstly, we love using this ingredient because it can tackle multiple issues. When it comes to dry skin, rose is loaded with minerals and oils that can provide immediate relief. Additionally, for babes who struggle with acne, this herb also has significant astringent properties. Meaning, it is stellar at combatting breakouts, redness, and the inflammation that often comes along with acne-prone skin.

Image of dried rose leaves, a beneficial herb for the skin.

It goes without saying that the scent of rose is seriously lush and can put you into instant self-care mode. Whether it’s reaching for a rose-infused bath bomb or applying a soothing moisturizer that contains this skincare superstar, you are sure to benefit from the calming properties this herb has to offer.

The product we reach for when we need a little rose in our lives…

Babe, it doesn’t get much better than spritzing a refreshing rose-infused toner onto your cute, cleansed face. BBE’s facial toner with witch hazel and rose petal water is the product your skincare routine has been missing, and the easiest way to get your daily dose of this beneficial herb. Not only does this product clear excess oil, but it’s also the perfect way to prevent breakouts and calm any irritation your skin may experience throughout the day. Oh and, you’ll notice how easily your moisturizer sinks in after prepping your skin with this spritzing wonder. You’re welcome, girlfriend.

Image of the BBE facial toner that contains witch hazel and rose petal water.

The herb you'll love sipping on: Turmeric.

Last but certainly not least on our list of 7 Beneficial Herbs for Your Skin is one gem we seriously can’t get enough of. Whether you choose to ingest turmeric or apply it topically to your cute face, one thing is for sure: this powerful herb does wonders for the skin. Turmeric is an ingredient you can find in our Bath Bombs,

Turmeric will make your skin glow by reviving it from the inside out. You can sip on some delicious tea that is turmeric-infused or apply a product that contains some of this herb topically. Either way, this antioxidant-packed ingredient will bring out your natural glow and protect your skin from those nasty free radicals. Like many other of our favorite herbs, turmeric is also anti-inflammatory and can help heal acne scarring. You’ll love the effects this ingredient has on your skin, not to mention the glorious excuse to enjoy a delicious turmeric latte.  

Image of turmeric, a beneficial herb, turned into spice alongside a wooden spoon.

We know, we know. You’re now herb obsessed.

Babe, it was inevitable that you would be after reading about these 7 Beneficial Herbs for Your Skin! When it comes to beauty, consider choosing natural and organic ingredients whenever you can. And if you’re ever questioning how to get your daily dose of nourishing skincare, drop us a line, gorgeous. That’s what we live for, and that’s what we’re here for.

Herbs & Happiness,

Carey <3

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