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Beauty by Earth and Work-Life Balance – What One CEO Has to Say

September 17 /2018

Ever feel like you have trouble mastering the work-life balance? Well, trust me! You're not the only one.  But according to Chris O'Neill, chief executive of the Silicon Valley based note taking and organizational app Evernote, work-life balance is achievable; and we're thinking, with a little help from your favorite natural skin care products, he might just be right ;) 

How Beauty by Earth and Work-Life Balance go Hand in Hand

In a recent New York Times article, O'Neill describes his time management strategy. On his list are a few things you might expect - waking up early to meditate and spend time with family, exercising regularly, writing lists, and taking time out to garden. But what you might not expect is his grooming regimen; and we're really loving it. After a quick shower and a shave, O'Neill reaches for one of our favorite products: "I use this toner after shaving called Beauty by Earth facial toner. I found it, like almost all my grooming products, on Amazon." Like so many things in life, the key to work-life balance is simplicity. It doesn't matter if you're a homemaker or a high level executive: natural skin care can help you find your equilibrium. Want to hear more about how Chris O'Neill balances his schedule? Check out the full article here.

How Do You Find Work-Life Balance?

Is Beauty by Earth part of your routine? How do you find balance between work and home? Tell us your secret in the comments below! XO! Danielle

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