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How to Give Yourself a Pedicure

June 1 /2021

Summer is finally here and if there’s one thing we think screams sunny days… it’s a good pedicure! C’mon babe, if you’re going to be running around with your toes exposed – your feet need to look the part! However, we also think you can forget about spending hours at the salon or using products that aren’t so great for your health. If you want to learn how to give yourself a pedicure that won’t break the bank but that will create some serious toe envy (yes, toe envy) – we've got you covered down below.

Image of an e-card that reads "You know it's going to be a great day when the hardest decision you have to make is what color nail polish to use".

Start your pedicure off by exfoliating.

First thing’s first. We'll admit that this might sound like an unexpected way to give yourself a pedicure. Start off by heading into the shower or bathtub and exfoliating those feet babe!

Image of the BBE vanilla coconut body scrub.

Opt for a luscious scrub that will help get rid of dry skin in a cinch. This will make your feet soft and give you the perfect starting point for the rest of your at-home pedi.

Next up, reach for a foot file that will change your pedi game.

Once you’ve exfoliated and soaked your feet, you’re now ready to bring in the big boy tools! Ok, we’re only talking about a foot file – but still!

You deserve one that will get rid of any dry skin your exfoliator missed, and that will nix calluses easily. We recommend investing in a foot file that is eco-friendly, and that won’t require heavy scrubbing for amazing results. Kinda like this one.

Image of a woman holding up the BBE foot file, perfect for at-home pedicures.

You can then follow-up by using a nail file or cuticle cutter around your toes to ensure your nail beds are ready for the next step in how to give yourself a pedicure!

Once your feet are baby smooth, it’s time for the fun part.

Follow-up with some body lotion, admire how soft your feet are, then move on to the best part about your at-home pedi: painting your nails!

Image of a hand holding up a beautiful blue pastel colored nail polish bottle.

Of course, we love using cruelty and toxin-free nail polish options. Go ahead and curate your very own set of faves. Trust us, you’ll seriously wonder why you ever paid so much to get a pedi in the first place! Plus, it’s summer babe! Opt for some beautiful pastels and flirty florals to feel fresh and ready for the beach (or the couch, we’re not judging)!

Until next time, beautiful!

Coconut scrubs & cute toes,

Carey <3

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