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Natural Lips The Right Way — Achieving the Perfect Nude Lip

January 12 /2015

How do you achieve those celebrity-perfect, nude natural lips?! They look so natural and yet—as any of us know who've tried—they can be seriously tricky to replicate.


Nude natural lips are the beauty style statement of our era. 

They've officially transcended from trend to natural classic. That's because they're the perfect contrast when donning a dramatic smoky eye, masterful facial contours, or bountiful lashes.

Natural lips work on any skin type, so whether you have a fair complexion or a bronze tone, they'll flatter you just the same. (If only fashion were the same way 🙄) 

Regardless of having the perfect nude lipstick, or just a great matte natural lip balm, you will not be able to perfect the look with chapped, flaky or cracked lips.  Nude and natural shades are very unforgiving. Even slightly chapped or cracked lips seem highlighted.  So make sure you start your lip journey with the propper prepping to ensure you achieve that camera-ready, sophisticated look.

The Perfect Natural Lips

Exfoliation & Lip Scrub

Chapped Lips, Nude Lip, Natural Lips, Lip Scrub

First things first, lips too need exfoliation.  Lip scrubs are typically overpriced and full of unnecessary ingredients.  They are so easy to make at home on demand.

Mix 1/2 tbsp of Brown Sugar with about 10 drops of Argan Oil (substitute with jojoba oil or coconut oil if needed).  Apply to lips and massage in a circular motion to removed dead skin, while the oil moisturizes.  Work lips for a minute or two, rinse sugar off and pat dry.

Not a DIY kinda gal? Yes, you can just buy some amazing natural lip scrubs here.

Here is a video of our Danielle making and using this easy lip scrub.

How to exfoliate your lips with an organic lip scrub

Make Your Lips Pop

Despite a nude or natural lip, you want your lips to stand out.  Apply a small amount of concealer around your lips.  The best way to apply it (whether liquid or cream form) is to dab it into the skin.  Rubbing concealer around your lips can make for a streaky look that makes any dry skin really stand out.  So apply it as though you were pushing it into your skin and ensure the color is a close match to your skin color.

This step also helps prevents lipstick from bleeding into any lines around your lips.

Shape and Line

Using a nude lip pencil, but one slightly darker than your natural skin tone, line the outer part of your lips to give them definition.  The color of your lip pencil should closely match or be slightly darker than your lip color (but still in the nude family) and be more of a hard pencil.


Whether your complete look will including the application of a nude lip color, or just a matte lip balm, you will want to use a good clear natural lip balm to prime and moisturize your lips.  This smooths the lips out and protects them.  You want a wax based lip balm, not anything to glossy or oily.

If you are not applying lipstick, your naturally glam look is complete.


If you will be applying a nude lip color to complete your natural lips, and want a longer lasting effect, fill your lips with a softer and creamier lip pencil.  This will serve as a base for your nude lipstick and help create a longer lasting color.  If you don't have a lip pencil that fits the bill, you can always apply some foundation or the pencil you used to line your lips.

Color and Finish

Your lips should be all set for nude lipstick.  Choose a moisturizing lipstick for a more believable and natural look.

Shine or Gloss?

If you are a shine or gloss kind of gal, now is your time to do it up!  Just avoid anything sparkly or glittery.  Sparkles and glitter just don't go well with a nude lip and can give your otherwise immaculate natural lips an odd finish.

Nude natural lips are simple to achieve and a perfect look for the Summer or to make for a more subtle but polished and sophisticated look.  We wish you the most kissable natural lips!

Do you have a natural lips routine or favorite lip look? Let us know in the comments below!

Kisses and Cute Pouts,


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