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Self Tanner Fails!

June 24 /2021

Forgetting to put self tanner on that whole other leg of yours.

Yup, we've done it. Especially on those nights where giving ourselves a self tan was a last minute thought, and we barely had enough energy to find our mitt.


#tan #selftanner #beauty #beautyfail #fail

♬ original sound - Rika (Rick-Uh)

She knows what we're talking about.

Thinking you're self tanning like a pro... and then waking up to *not so cute* feet.

Out of all of the self tan fails, this one can really get you feeling all types of ways. And seriously, self tanning tricky spots is no easy job! I mean, we wrote a whole blog post on it! Check out this fail, and read our experts tips to avoid having some questionable looking feet, babe.


TANNING FAIL,it’s my first time tho #tanning #tanningchallenge #selftanner #selftan #fail #hometan #cocoandeve

♬ original sound - Gabriela Amador

This fail is all kinds of bad...

Seriously. We didn't even know what to title it. All we can do, is sincerely recommend that you brush up on ALL of BBE's expert advice on self tanning before you shoot your shot at it!


my mom walked in my room this morning and woke me up by saying “good morning my little oompa loompa” ... 😤 #selftanner #selftanfail #happyathome

♬ original sound - pinkitytwinkity

If this has happened to you, don't sweat it gorgeous. Dreading the possibility of waking up looking like an oompa loompa is a problem every self tanning girl knows!

Image of @tinaduplay showing off her messy self tan hand on Tik Tok.

Despite the fails it can cause, self tanning is our self love language.

This girl knows! Despite all of the mishaps that can happen on your journey to becoming a pro at self tanning, getting your glow on is akin to real love (we'd say!).

Have you ever been in love?


where’s the lie? 👀#haveyoueverbeeninlove#selftanner#selftan#faketangonewrong#selftanfail#fup#viral#funny#MakeMomEpic#trending

♬ cute sound - brett

Wishing you all of the glowing tan vibes, and no orange palms...

We thoroughly enjoy seeing some of these self tan fails, and then showing you how to correct them babe!

And if you ever find yourself having a similar experience (you know, waking up looking like an oompa loompa), please send us the vid to prove it! We promise we won't show it in one of these posts... unless you let us!

Signing off with self love & self tan admiration,

Carey <3

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