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Why Argan Oil, You Ask?… Learn Why Moroccan Argan Oil Is the #1 Cosmetic Breakthrough Of The 21st Century

February 28 /2014

Why Argan Oil, You Ask?...  Learn Why Moroccan Argan Oil Is the #1 Cosmetic Breakthrough Of The 21st Century

Good question. The answer is simple – it is the complete beauty package. Argan oil is made up of tocopherols (otherwise known as vitamin E), phenolic antioxidants, squalene (protects the skin from UV rays and has proven to kill acne causing bacteria) and is high in unsaturated fatty acids. Vitamin E is a popularly known cosmetic supplement because its primary function is promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails. The unsaturated fatty acids and natural oils found in Moroccan argan oil are best used for moisturizing the skin and protecting & styling hair. Cosmetic experts speak highly of Moroccan argan oil due to the incredible conditioning and anti-aging properties that keep hair and skin revitalized. It is great for dry/flaky skin, does not clog pores, helps minimize fine lines, heat protects hair and can treat split ends. It can also be used to prevent stretch marks and even improve certain skin conditions. It can help people with mild acne as the oleic acid found in the oil helps promote healthy levels of sebum (oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands – its main purpose is to make the skin and hair waterproof and to protect them from drying out) production, and its linoleic acid helps prevent excess dead skin cells by promoting healthy skin turnover. Magazine after magazine cover the topic of Moroccan argan oil and its many uses.  Here are some great articles: Fox News published an article: Argan Oil: What's all the fuss about? Elle Magazine published an article: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU SWAP YOUR ENTIRE BEAUTY REGIME FOR JUST OIL? Elle Magazine also published this article: ARGAN OIL HAS EARNED IT'S CULT STATUS These are just some of the many articles covering Moroccan Argan Oil. So give it a try and explore it's many uses.

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